Prediction: The mouse is about as dead as the keyboard

Windows 8 has only been out for a few months, and already I’m seeing articles purporting the death of the mouse. “Windows 8 and it’s touch screen interface will render the mouse obsolete” they’re saying. And I get what they’re saying, to a degree. I don’t doubt that touchscreens will be the next big thing in desktop computing; I’m even pushing at my job to find a good source of touchscreen monitors. It’s just that for everyday computing, touch just isn’t there yet. The mouse, as a desktop peripheral, isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Ever try selecting a spreadsheet cell with your finger? Or highlighting text? And especially for people who do any sort of graphics work, you just can’t be as precise with your finger as you can with a mouse. It just doesn’t work as well. I don’t usually post about my predictions for the future, as they can be wrong so easily. But this one seems pretty straightforward to me. So that’s it, really. Until someone figures out a way to replicate the fine precision available with a mouse with your finger, you can expect to see the little rodent on every desk. At least that’s my take on it.

One thought on “Prediction: The mouse is about as dead as the keyboard

  1. Concur. Holding your arm out to touchscreen something in front of you all day? Good luck with your rotator cuff surgery. Leap Motion ( is a possible middle path forward — provided they ever launch — and it’s much cooler than smearing up your beautiful 27″ screen with your grubby paws.

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