Monthly Archives: October 2003

The system is down, yo

Some extreme badness happened over at Bob’s site,, yesterday as a result of losing an entire table (the main one) from his database. For reasons which have not been adequately explained, the table was just empty. Still there, but empty. So, we have had our top men working on it ’round the clock, and due to our extreme script-foo skills, we managed to resurrect most of it from google‘s cache. Google. Is there anything it can’t do?

So, if anybody has a recent browser cache of his site, or maybe the ‘from the beginning’ page, would you please email it to one of us? Thanks.

The Empire Strikes Back

Users of the newly release Opera7 browser experienced some interesting results recently when they tried to view the MSN home page. It seems that Microsoft deliberately published a broken stylesheet for the Opera browser. Opera’s developers posted a page here which explains the technical workings of the phenomenon, and presented a very strong case for why this could not have been an accident. Now, if we could only figure out why someone was trying to view MSN in the first place, we’d have something. The article was also written up on Slashdot.